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Trailer <3

The Layton 3 English trailer is out.   Don't mind me, I just have it on repeat forever.


oh dear oh dear

I think my hard drive is failing.  It gave me some weird signs the past few days, but now I'm more and more sure.  Backing stuff up, hoping the new computer will get here soon.


I'm going to learn this if it kills me

Back from Lincoln.  My brother was awesome and set up a job interview with someone he knows at a Japanese restaurant, and it sounds like (I know this could change but I am excited agh) I already have the job, at least the owner was talking like I do.  Which is wonderful.  So now I just need to learn to use chopsticks, since I REFUSE to use chopstick helpers anymore.  I've been working hard, and I looked really stupid at Easter lunch yesterday since I kept trying to hold the silverware like chopsticks.


I need to get myself some pokemon icons...

so yeah, got my copy of silver today.  I asked at kmart, but they didn't have any in. They said they did though. I  think the person on the phone was illiterate, as she apparently mistook it for Bakugan. Yeah I don't know either.

So I went to walmart. no figure for me, but oh well.  And then I had to go back to walmart because my tiny phillips wasn't tiny enough for the pokewalker.

Is there anyone who got a Cyndaquil who did NOT name it "Explotaro".   That person is not me (my ended up female too. wow. But... Explotaro isn't supposed to be female...)

The pokegear needs a way to delete numbers.  Ok kid, you claim your Rattata is good but it's safe to say it still sucks.  I'm pretty sure if we fought again I'd still defeat it in one hit. SO WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME AT LEAST ONCE AN HOUR.

It occurs to me I will get nothing done, which is a shame, since I wanted to do some stuff especially since Patsy is graduating.  I would have done it BEFORE this came out, but I got platinum a week earlier so yeah.

...I know I'm a loser.

My mankato trip (Which is OBVIOUSLY less important than pokemon ) was very nice.  For some reason there was fog the whole way.  I knwo it was because of the lakes, but it was still weird to see it get warmer the farther north we got.  They have a very compact campus, but either way I won't make a decision until I get back my financial aid.  

The hotel we stayed at was awesome, and even in the dreary weather I could tell that this town probably is pretty 75% of the time.
it had a jimmy john's. I don't think my mom understood why I liked it so much.  I guess it was hard for her to appreciate the speed when I walked a few blocks to get it.

I'm just glad I got the trip in before I got my financial aid back.  I wanted to look at the campus without being influenced by that.

My friends are awesome

so I go on gamestop trying to figure out when fragile comes out, same for pokemon.  I find out that they come out at roughly the same time, but more importantly, Gamestop is giving away Jirachi until HG/SS's release!  

I would have been excited for this, except living in the middle of nowhere means I live over an hour from any game stop.  

This sucks.  I'm only interested in the cute pokemon anyway.

I mean normalyl I only have a couple options
  • mail my cartridge to my brother who never wants to get these pokemon for me
  • miss out
Driving's not an option since I get lost easily and my mom wouldn't allow me to drive an hour for a piece of data.  I decided to see if one of my friend's was going to a gamestop for the distribution, but they weren't even aware of it.  Then it turns out one of my friends wants to go to the city anyway this weekend, so I'm just gonna hop on the bandwagon for pokemon because I'm a giant nerd.  Cannot wait for this weekend.

Dear God I haven't posted in like a month

I've just been so busy ;_;
  • I beat Diabolical box a ways back.  So awesome.  Where's my time travel, Nintendo!

  • The one act finished.  I am so exhausted and was thankful I wouldn't be doing another play this year but then the director told me he wanted me in the musical despite the fact I can't sing oh god.    I'm flattered but when you're trying to stay awake on a bus post-performance it's not one of the top things you want to hear.

  • At the one-act contest, Rapid City central was amazing. They did Dracula but it was their own script and they had non-english songs and all their actors seemed to have been trained in ballet and oh god.  It was great.  Better than us.  I get why we don't do actual places now.  Because Rapid City Central is so awesome they would take all three places.  But we got a superior.  That was nice.

  • What wasn't so nice is it seems someone stole my MP3 player in Brandon Valley (I assumed I lost it at first, but sicne I left missing items reports, I think I would have gotten a call by now if I had just dropped it somewhere.).  It sucks, but maybe if I'm lucky I can get a better one now. I'm trying not to be sad about it

  • Axe Cop is amazing.  This five-year-old can write far better than me (not that that says much) but they are amazing at writing and I want to be able to write stuff that amazing.  When I was five, I think I mostly pretended to be a pokemon trainer. 

  • Anders loves Maria ended like last week.  The ending was sad, but fitting. (Link to first page)

  • I backed into a car today. I feel really  bad about it.  I did not need this today.  The people I hit were really nice though, no real damage to them (mostly to me.  Not any I actually care about, which is good because the insurance place told us because of our package our own damages would come out of our own pocket).  But I still feel like a terrible driver, also it was at the school so I will surely be teased on Tuesday.

  • I need to clean my room this weekend.

  • I really need to get a job, even if it'[s just for the summer.  It'd be nice to line my pockets a little.

  • I've started playing Persona Portable.  Nanjo has to be my favorite character.

....you know, that list of stuff that's happened looked longer in my head.

hm hm

It was nice not having school since Tuesday. of course, since we lost three days of rehearsal the director is understandably nervous. So my life has become busy with play.

I do not like having afternoon rehearsals. The night ones are better. Either way I'm extremely exhausted and achey from being in a weird position the whole time (we never leave the stage), but the night ones don't really ruin the rest of the day for me then.

I've found learning lines is difficult. Since this is my biggest role yet, I've never really had to work to learn lines, I tend to learn them passively through rehearsal. I found memorization difficult, since when I memorize things, I tend not to memorize them word-for-word.

My acting right now is crap since I'm having trouble finding the character. My role as the patient playing Simonne has an anxiety disorder, is quite a bit non-confrontational as a result, but is overprotective of Marat. I also hear voices in my head and reaaaalllly like his bandages. So it's a tad complicated for me at this point. I hope I can get it soon.

My handwriting already looks loads better, and I'm not even fully done with the alphabet (I got away from it after the letter O). That makes me feel happy.

Over Christmas break I was studying/taking notes over this book: Making a Good Script Great.  It's so nice, and most of the things in it could easily apply to any writing.   Took me forever to get through it though.


Yay snow day. I got sleep and free time. Which I'm wasting on phantom brave. and actually getting around to filling out my FAFSA.

FAFSA took forever to fill out. Does it really matter the month my parents divorced in? Not only that, all those questions about the armed forces. There's a much better way to do it.. "Has X ever served in the armed forces?" but the worst part was the pin signing. We needed to find my mom's pin again, but I couldn't get it because my brother put in the security answer in incorrectly when he did it. It wasn't even a misspelling... but when it asks a security question for the pin for my mom, I'm PRETTY SURE it doesn't mean his own answer to the question.


Episode 5

The patch is out for the first episode of Umineko Chiru. It's wonderful, but also a shame. I was planning on doing productive things. I suppose the smartest thing to do is to focus on playing it and ignore everything else, so I get done sooner and can do other stuff. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that idea!

But yes, this is awesome and makes my heart fuzzy.